The 4BBL brewery is situated on show in the main bar area, with the fermentation and serving vessels tucked away safely in the basement.

What We Do

We love those oh so juicy hops at Xylo, but also enjoy a crisp refreshing beer and strive to find the right balance of juice and haze in our beers without going overboard. Having a seafront tap room calls for lower strength but flavourful beers to enjoy in the sunshine, so that’s what we set out to create.

We have a core range of beers that you will find on tap and in can all year round, along with seasonal and one off brews to compliment them.

 We serve our core beers direct from the tank in our tap room bar for ultimate freshness, and offer the remainder in 440ml cans for takeaways

You will also find our seasonal and one off brews on tap from keg and in can at the tap room and all our cans available in our online store, all lovingly filled and labelled on site on our micro canning line.

We are also open to wholesale in keg and can where the required volume is available. 

Core Beers

Kentish Kölsch // LAGER // 4.5%

We realised very quickly into our brewing adventure that summer sunshine and sandy beaches call for a crisp refreshing lager, so we set about making something to fit the bill. We wanted to stick to our guns and create something not only to quench your thirst, but to appeal to everyone, hop lovers and all, and decided that a kölsch style beer would be perfect.

A kölsch may look and taste like a lager, but technically it’s an ale as it’s fermented with top fermenting yeast, but conditioned (or lagered) at cold temperatures for extended periods like a lager. It is sometimes referred to as a hybrid beer.

Kentish Kölsch has become a firm favourite all year round, and something we are very proud of. We switch the aroma hops regularly to keep things exciting.


We love a sessionable beer at Xylo, and can’t think of anything better than a pint of light and easy drinking but juicy session IPA.

Simcoe seemed a perfect fit with its tangy gooseberry edge, so we built a crisp base of pilsner malts and seasoned with a touch of wheat and oats to keep some body and gentle haze, and layered the hops throughout the various stages of the brew.

The only thing missing is the summer sunshine, which unfortunately cant be packaged. 


SABRO // PALE ALE // 4.8%

Now and again you hear about an amazing hop variety that has a distinct aroma and flavour profile and it’s taking the brewing world by storm, but it’s impossible to find a beer that has this variety and isn’t paired with other bold flavours or masked by another hop. 

So we brewed Sabro Pale with pilsner and pale malts for a light base,  to showcase what Sabro can do!

It’s lychee, it’s coconut, and sweet pineapple on a deliciously light and hazy base!
The response has been amazing, you love it, we love it, and it’s here to stay! 

Seasonal Beers


We wanted to create something to warm the winter nights, and at the same time shake up our lager offering, so decided to try a Vienna style lager.
Malts take centre stage with a combination of Vienna, Pilsner and Munich to give a bready base with lightly toasted biscuit tones and a hint of toffee, and a touch of darker roasted malt to allow the deep amber colour to glow.  

The initial response had been fantastic and you can be sure to find it on our winter taplist regularly!


We love a challenge at Xylo, and finding out the day before brew day we were about to receive some wet hops straight from the bine is just that! What better way to celebrate Kent grown hops than to juice up our Kentish Kölsch with freshly picked East Kent Goldings, the most Kentish of all Kentish hops!
Brewed for the Kent Green Hop Festival, this is a seasonal one off, but it went down so well, maybe it will be back next year? 


Lightly hopped with Idaho 7 to impart a subtle fruity underbelly, with gentle roasty tones from the complex malt bill rising above a sweet fulfilling base of oatiness!

We set out to make a nice creamy smooth stout, and that’s exactly what we have here. This one is a bit of a tap room favourite, its actually pretty light and refreshing and exciting on the tongue with the juicy hops hiding beneath those malty overtones.


When summer arrives its a perfect time to brew a wheat beer. We wanted to keep all the spicy clove notes and pair back on the banana like esters so kept the fermentation temperature low to encourage our desired profile.

Slightly tart with a moderately dry finish, it leaves you wanting more and more!




Zappa hops were new to us, so had no idea what to expect. We were bowled over by the aroma from the bag, with its super intense pineapple and pear like combo, and couldn’t wait to taste the result. It’s like the love child of a fruit salad and a pear drop in liquid form and it is an absolute beauty! 

Lots of research and incremental adjustments to water profiles from brew to brew eventually led us to this sweet spot, allowing us to cram a silly amount of hops into the boil without becoming too bitter or astringent. 



Co-Owner Ben took the lead on this one, looking for something to fill a gap in the taplist for the end of summer. We hadn’t brewed our seasonal Hefeweizen yet this year so decided to pull that recipe apart and restructure all four elements from a different angle (hence the name) 

We went heavy on the dry hop to balance out the tartness of the wheaty profile with the sweetness of the Idaho 7, backed up with the piney undertones of Ahtanum and we think it’s a winner!

NEIPA-X (SERIES) // NEIPA // 5.6-6.7%

We put off brewing hazy IPAs in our first year or so, until the requests were coming in so often we knew it was time. 

We started off with Citra & Azacca in NEIPA-X, switched the Citra for Talus for NEIPA-XII whilst XI had Amarillo & Taiheke.

We constantly played with water profiles and malt ratios and learnt a lot during the process. The series may be over, but our learnings will take us into the next phase and help us create some super special hazies! 


Our great friends at DeType asked us to brew a celebration beer for their 10th anniversary. As their brand colours are bright orange we thought it would be fitting to brew a special version of our popular Tangerine Pale with a few tweaks to fit the flavour profile. An additional hefty dose of Citra in the dry hop brings a touch more juice, while we dropped the boil additions to bring the bitterness level down to something more suitable for the extra citrus tones to come through.

Happy Birthday DeType!