The 4BBL brewery is situated on show in the main bar area, with the fermentation and serving vessels tucked away safely in the basement.

What We Do

We love those oh so juicy hops at Xylo, but also enjoy a crisp refreshing beer and strive to find the right balance of juice and haze in our beers without going overboard. Having a seafront tap room calls for lower strength but flavourful beers to enjoy in the sunshine, so that’s what we set out to create.

We have a core range of beers that you will find on tap and in can all year round, along with seasonal and one off brews to compliment them.

 We serve our core beers direct from the tank in our tap room bar for ultimate freshness, and offer the remainder in 440ml cans for takeaways

You will also find our seasonal and one off brews on tap from keg and in can at the tap room and all our cans available in our online store, all lovingly filled and labelled on site on our micro canning line.

We are also open to wholesale in keg and can where the required volume is available. 

Core Beers

Kentish Kölsch // HYBRID LAGER // 4.5%

We realised very quickly into our brewing adventure that summer sunshine and sandy beaches call for a crisp refreshing lager, so we set about making something to fit the bill. We wanted to stick to our guns and create something not only to quench your thirst, but to appeal to everyone, hop lovers and all, and decided that a kölsch style beer would be perfect.

A kölsch may look and taste like a lager, but technically it’s an ale as it’s fermented with top fermenting yeast, but conditioned (or lagered) at cold temperatures for extended periods like a lager. It is sometimes referred to as a hybrid beer.

Kentish Kölsch has become a firm favourite all year round, and something we are very proud of. We switch the aroma hops regularly to keep things exciting.


We love a sessionable beer at Xylo, and can’t think of anything better than a pint of light and easy drinking but juicy session IPA.

We started out by making our much loved Simcoe Session, a single hop beer that was a real success, but we felt it needed a boost, so switched out the bittering charge with Chinook for that spicy character, and paired Simcoe with Amarillo in the later stages to keep the same tangy gooseberry edge with some extra tropical vibes.

We used the original crisp base of Pilsner malts and seasoned with a touch of wheat and oats to keep some body and gentle haze. It’s a belter!


Now and again you hear about an amazing hop variety that has a distinct aroma and flavour profile and it’s taking the brewing world by storm, but it’s impossible to find a beer that has this variety and isn’t paired with other bold flavours or masked by another hop. 

So we brewed Sabro Pale with pilsner and pale malts for a light base,  to showcase what Sabro can do!

It’s lychee, it’s coconut, and sweet pineapple on a deliciously light and hazy base!
The response has been amazing, you love it, we love it, and it’s here to stay!

Specials & Seasonal Beers


After the success of last years’ Kentish Kölsch : Green Hop Edition, we decided to mix it up and go to the opposite end of the scale, and brew something deep, dark and dangerous. We sourced our beautifully fresh Bullion from Hukins Hops and got to work brewing up this full bodied stout with a hint of rum from the masses of muscovado sugar we piled into the boil. Gentle notes of dark fruits pop through the roasted flavours of the speciality malts and leave a subtle bitterness to finish.


We enjoy a chunky dank NEIPA here at Xylo, (dont we all?) but felt there was a gap in the market for something lighter and less cloying on the palate so set about creating something to suit. 

Zappa hops were new to us, first found in the mountains of New-Mexico alongside one of our favourites Sabro, and we couldn’t resist trying them out for ourselves.
Zappa is a seriously fruity variety, and works incredibly well alongside Mosaic in our latest (and probably greatest) New England IPA