About us

Xylo is a microbrewery and taproom bar set on the Margate seafront, with stunning sunset views over the harbour. Founded in 2019 by two friends with a hunger for brewing and a vision to create an inclusive and friendly environment in which to enjoy beautifully crafted beer.

We are passionate about beer, and love to see the reaction from our customers when they discover something perfectly suited to their taste, be it one of our beers, or something from one of our guest offerings.

We love to educate, and strive to help our customers find their way through the complex world of craft beer. Our knowledgeable staff are always happy to talk through different styles and flavours, and we hope that everyone can learn something new.

Where did the name come from?

It’s taken from “xylose” a five-carbon sugar that yeast strains used in brewing do not ferment, therefore can affect the mouthfeel of a beer, giving roundness and adding viscosity. As engineers in previous lives we felt we wanted a name that was short and sweet, but also had a technical story to tell. We think we got it just right!

What did we want to achieve by opening Xylo?

We want to provide an inclusive and friendly environment for customers
to discover new beer styles and flavours, and hope that we can persuade those that are new to craft beer, that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or pretentious.

We are all programmed differently and we strive to help customers find a drink they can enjoy and help them along on their journey into craft beer!

What else is important?

We believe in supporting local businesses and stock
many local wines & spirits as well as beers from our friends and peers.
We engage with our neighbours and independent businesses to form strong friendships, and partner with other like minded people to create great products that showcase both their skills and ours.

What are your future plans?

We aim to grow within our means, and increase our brewery capacity so we can continue to provide our products at scale, and create new and interesting beers as we go. We want to continue to be at the forefront of the craft beer scene in our local community and also push our products out into the wider world for everyone to enjoy.